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Nestling (Akri) [Drake and Haku]

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Nestling (Akri) [Drake and Haku]

Post by Avadedra on Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:56 pm

Nestling (Akri) [Drake and Haku]


"The Seraphs" ~ The Cruxshadows

"My body's made of fire / black and deep and cold. / Burning for the choice I made / so many years ago. / And love will keep me tethered / for my wings are stripped of flight. / But into my mad, deluded world / they cross the battle lines. / [...] / The punishments I carry now / are of my own design. / For once I brought the hand of God / and now this gift is mine."


As a steam-plane chugged and sputtered overhead, the man in the wagon gave no notice. He couldn't even see it through the dense canopy of the trees that cast the deep shadows on the forest floor below. One booted foot up on the board, he hummed around the cigarette in his mouth as the seat beneath his thin frame squeaked and bounced. The forest roads weren't well kept anymore, not since everyone had decided that it was more fun to flit about the clouds in the steam-planes. And the steam powered trains were growing in popularity, which only irked the man. Still, today he wasn't worried about it.

Shirtless in this hot, muggy place, his hair piled, pinned and clipped haphazardly onto his head, he raised one hand to wipe the sweat from his face. The morning's rain had done nothing to ease the heat that the trees seemed to keep in abundance. In fact, it seemed to have made it worse. Sighing, he leaned forward to crush out the butt on the footboard, dropping it into a little sack behind his knees. No need making a mess, he figured. Sitting back, he glanced up at the canopy, at the streamers of sunlight that forced their way through. Clicking his tongue, he tried to urge the two mares pulling his buggy to pick up a step or two, hoping for a breeze, but they were hot and tired, and growing ornery, to boot.

"Alright girls," he said softly, pulling them gently to a stop off to the side of the hard road. "We'll take a break. Not like we're in a hurry to go nowhere."

Hopping down, he quickly let them loose of their harnesses and lines, watching them wander off into the trees. He knew they wouldn't up and run off, and if he followed, he'd have fresh water. They were good at finding the stuff. Instead, he crouched down under the wagon and released a few chains, lowering his bed so that it hung a foot or so from the ground, but was room enough for him to sleep comfortably. Crawling in, thankful for the real shade, he tried to think cooling thoughts, closing his eyes and listening for his girls to come back. It wouldn't take long, then he'd give them some feed and they'd be on their way again.

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Re: Nestling (Akri) [Drake and Haku]

Post by Akri on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:50 am

Water. Cool water. Haku sighed softly as he glided in circles in the lake. The last of the fox kits had headed back to their clan to escape the heat of the day in their dens. He'd escaped by joining the water. He'd slid into the water, his body changing as soon as it had touched the cool liquid. He'd been swimming ever since. He'd planned on continuing his fun right up until something had disrupted the surface of the water.

Rising up out of the water, he took a breath of the muggy air as he looked around. The young dragon stilled when he spotted two horses just off to the side of the lake drinking happily. Feeling a sense of panic rising in him, he darted his head around in search of any humans. Huffing softly, he looked back to the horses before darting off to the far side of the lake and scurrying out. Racing across the ground to the nearest trees, he shook himself trying to rid himself of the water. The last thing he needed was for some humans to spot him like this.

Growling softly, almost a whine, he clawed at the trunk of a tree. No matter how much water he shook free of himself, he couldn't get his body to change back. As long as he was wet, Haku knew he was stuck. The water had seemed like such a good idea! Now he was stuck in his dragon form and had no idea if the humans those horses belonged too were close by. He couldn't go back to the fox dens, he couldn't put the in danger if they were hunters. What did that leave him?


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Re: Nestling (Akri) [Drake and Haku]

Post by Avadedra on Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:23 pm

As he lay in his bed, he listened to a light skittering sound in the cart over his head. Smiling, he relaxed. He wasn't worried, it wasn't mice. It was just his brother. As if on cue, a small dragon with a long snout and a furry mane slithered from between two boards and dropped onto his stomach. Laughing to himself, he pet the little creature's back, earning himself an annoyed growl.

"Right right. Sorry." Placing his hand back under his head, he closed his eyes again.

The dragon scented the air, making a soft sound in the back of his throat. The man opened his eyes and looked at the creature.

"What? No... the girls went to find water." Another snort and a whine. "They're fine." A growl and a dig of the dragon's claws brought a sigh from the man. "Fine. We'll go see."

Rolling from the bed, he stretched, following the little dragon as it darted off into the trees. He strolled along, yawning and ruffling his hair.

"You know, brother, your affection for my horses is very strange," he called after. "I think you've been a dragon for too long." Coming into the clearing near the small body of water, he patted the flank of the closest horse. "See? They're fine. Where'd you go?"

Looking around, he spotted the familiar flame colored body midway up a tree across the water. The dragon was peering around the trunk at something, making soft sounds. He wasn't acting upset, so the man kept his cool. He saw what his brother was looking at.

"Hey... hey you there. It's okay, come on out. No one's going to hurt you."

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Re: Nestling (Akri) [Drake and Haku]

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