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My First OC's : D

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My First OC's : D Empty My First OC's : D

Post by Ryu on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:01 pm

Ok, so, I have a few that I've cooked up, so... here goes:

First up, is Ki'aray (pronounced: ki-ar-a):

Ki'aray 1

Ka'tairee body structure

Ki'aray's Main outfit

From the planet Ka'tai, she is a species known as Ka'tairee. The women are bred killers and the men are skilled fighters and salesmen. Their race is rather primitive, as they live off the land, but they understand technology well, as their planet has recently opened up to trading. The Ka'tairee are catlike, but their anatomy is similar to that of humans.

Although their features are bulky, they are silent killers. Most use items like daggers or bow and arrows to kill their prey. They prefer to either be up and close or from a distance, and they ALWAYS aim to kill in the quickest way possible.

They come in different skin colors: Women are generally from most common to least: Red, Green, Purple, White. Men are generally from most common to least: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple. Their hair color is generally the same with what color of skin they have. Green skin, black hair. Red skin, black or yellow hair. Purple skin, black or blue, White skin, red or white, in very rare cases, a very light blue. For men, most have black or yellow hair. The women's colors are duller, easier to blend in to the surroundings on their planet. Men's are more vibrant, as if they were just painted.

Ki'aray is a self taught assassin. After being found in a destroyed village by a trader, she was taken away and raised on a human planet. She was too young to know anything about her past on her home planet, but her adopted father often took her there after she was old enough, to show her her own people.

She has a great skill in sniping. Ki'aray is very independent, however, she gets rather needy for affection from time to time. She will execute any target well within the needed time. She has never been in love.

Sexual Preference: Pan-Sexual. She will sometimes sleep with her targets to get up close.
Likes: Forested areas, hunting, people playing with her tail (with permission).
Dislikes: People playing with her tail (with OUT permission)
Her Colors: Skin: purple, Hair: Blue, Claws on toes: Black

Next we have To'rinkay (pr: Toe-rin-kay)


(Please see above for description of Ka'tairee race and body type)

To'rinkay is a business man, but he is better at being a warrior. He is trained in most hand to hand combat and is an expert on perception. He's a true marksmen with a spear. When he's not pillaging with his pirate mates, he is their best trader, as he knows how to haggle with any salesman. His crew respectfully stays away from their planet and they, from time to time will pick up a bounty if the pay is good, but he's mostly on the wrong side of the law.

Sexual Preference: Pan-sexual. He'll try most of anything once.

Likes: Sleeping with women, booze, sailing (both space and real seas), has a thing for grape jelly, money
Dislikes: clean cut men, dishonest and disloyal people, swimming
His Colors: Skin: Red, Hair: Black, Claws on toes: White

Last (for now) but not least, is Kiyasha.


Kiyasha is human. She is a bounty hunter. When she was 12, her parents traded her off to the mafia to settle their dept. She was used first as an errand girl, and when she became of age, she was put into the brothel houses. One night, a man paid her amount and took her away to his ship. He taught her how to fight in hand to hand combat and taught her how to shoot a hand gun, rifle and eventually, a sniper. Once she had mastered those tasks, he put her behind the controls of his ship and let her learn how to pilot. When she turned 27, she became one of the best bounty collectors. She always has a waiting list and is usually kept busy.

Sexual Preference: Is Bi-curious, but is mostly Straight
Likes: puppies, the night, the rush of a kill, sex
Dislikes: Cat-calling, missing a target (rarely happens, but it does happen), planes (she's more comfortable in space)
Her Colors: Pale (she likes to work at night), Hair: White with a strip of purple on the left side. Nails: Keeps them painted black and purple.


I have been wracking up a lot of characters here lately, so please go to my toyhou.se to see the new ones, I will be happy to play ANY of my new babies :3
Thank you~

OC Characters/Adopts (just click on the folders)


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