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Post by eilonwe on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:31 am


Character’s REAL NAME: Blake St. Acheron
ALIAS: Grace-sin ** it's his stage name at the club where he works**
RACE : Human
AGE: 24
BIRTHDATE: October 31 at 0300
BIRTHPLACE: Gumbo Limbo, Alabama, USA
SEXUALITY: He'll say he's bisexual but in fact he much prefers men.
Position: mostly a bottom


BACKGROUND: Blake's mother was Japanese, but was raised a Southern Baptist Christian in America. There she met and married Blake's father, who oddly enough was a Druid high priest. Well, love certainly overcame those odds, and Blake was raised to respect both faiths. Although Blake learned early on that Southern Baptists didn't take it well when you came to sermon "skyclad".

Blake was born in Gumbo Limbo, Alabama and he was raised to be a "Southern Gentleman". Courtesy and the Genteel Way were instilled in him from birth. Unfortunately, so was his mother's curse. His mother, suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, in which her body was not able to repair the damage caused by UV rays from the sunlight. Though she always wore sunblock and rarely went out during the day, she hadn't been diagnosed until she was almost 5 years old and by then her body had already absorbed a lot of UV radiation. By the time Blake was born, she had already undergone 8 surgeries to remove tumors and numerous melanomas. But while Blake was still in the womb she had them do genetic testing to find out if Blake also carried the disease. Her heart sank when the test came back positive. She was determined however, to give Blake the best chance possible in the world given his frailty.

He was born at night and immediately after birth, he was never allowed to go out into the sun. Both his parents explained his illness to him, and made certain the night was filled with wonder, but it was still difficult for a young child to be denied the ability to play in the sun like all the other people in the world. Unfortunately his mother succumbed at the age of 32, to the cancers their shared disease was prone to when he was only 6. It was a short time to know his mother, but her memory remains strong within him.

His father home-schooled him throughout his school years, since his handicap prevented him from having the same schedule as other children.  When he was 14 his father began teaching him Reiki healing. He found that he was really good at it, but he was even better at it if he touched the person. His father chalked it up to his Druid teachings, and thought nothing much strange about it until years later.

After graduating from high-school online, Blake made a promise to himself and to his mother's memory that he would reach the age of 50, a milestone that would break the world record for their disease, the current oldest survivor is only 46.  When he was 18 he had a kanji tattooed on the back of his neck to remind himself of that promise to keep his head up and keep looking for tomorrow, and that morning he watched his first sunrise. It's the only sunrise he's ever watched, but the memory of it is branded in his mind's eye.

Blake had taught himself to play guitar and used his good looks to get various night-shift jobs trying to save up enough money to go to college. Scholarships were difficult for home-schooled kids to get, and it was also difficult to find a university big enough to offer the kinds of night classes he would need. At last he had saved up enough money to start his college education, and when he was 23 he decided to attend college in Japan.

Blake moved to Japan last year in the hopes to visit his mother's relatives and attend college, but found that they weren't much interested in him since they didn't approve of his mother's marriage to his father. They did give him the phone number to a 4th cousin named Bou. He still hasn't called the number, uncertain of what his reception will be.

Disappointed with his reception in Japan and really not liking all the smog and lack of open country air, Blake returned to America.  He still had aspirations of expanding his horizons, but he didn’t really know what he wanted to do.  His wanderings eventually led him back toward the East Coast, USA.  
Blake had been attending a local university at night, his savings lasting a whole semester until he finally got the job at a night-club on weekends. While coming home one night from the club he ran into -- well actually a wounded student ran into him. The student was afraid of something, or someone, and begged him not to be taken to the hospital. The wounds were so serious though, Blake didn't even think about it, he just healed him. Unfortunately it had been a long night and Blake hadn't eaten lunch or dinner. The healing helped the student, but Blake passed out.

When he woke up, he was at the school. The student, recognizing that Blake was a healer, had brought him there to prevent his capture by the same people he'd been running from. The student had told that some bad men wanted to experiment on him because he could freeze things.  The teachers at the Academy explained what was going on, and about how they took in talented students just like him. Blake definitely didn't want to become a lab rat, and helping these people fight back against bullies who were experimenting on unsuspecting little kids sounded like just his kind of fight. He also wanted to learn more about his gift.  Taking a deep breath, he accepted their invitation to join the Academy.  Though he wasn't sure what lay in store for him, he felt that this was perhaps his new fate...to spend his last days with this new 不撓 の Purpose (tenacity of purpose).


Visual Appearance : My visual reference for this character is a male model I found, the model’s name is Bartek Borowiec  
Face shot
dun piss me off!

HAIR COLOR: Red, very long it reaches to his ankles. He has one white streak that runs just behind his left ear.

EYE COLOR: a deep amethyst purple, he usually wears contact lenses to make them appear a deep green, or a sapphire blue.

HEIGHT: 5'2" ... go ahead, call him a midget... I dare ya!

BUILD: He's toned like an acrobat, lithe with 6-pack abs, a small waist, plush bum and long legs. His face is very  feminine though, and he’s been mistaken for a woman more than once. Such mistakes don’t bother him though.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His hair is what stands out the most to people at first, because it's so long. It reaches to his ankles, and he knows how to use it to either hide his face, or only partially obscure it. He also has a white streak in his hair on the left side, and a small scar on his left ear. He bears a tattoo on the back of his neck that rarely anyone can see (since it's almost always obscured by hair) it's a japanese kanji : 不撓 の Purpose meaning "tenacity of purpose”. It has special meaning to him. The other most distinguishing feature is his eyes, naturally they are a deep amethyst purple. He's also very pale, having never been in sunlight he can be mistaken for a Vampire.  He hides his pallor with make-up and cream tanner, or his prescription tinted sunblock.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: He usually will wear his hair loose, and will let it shield his face to obscure his expressions from people as he watches them. He will occasionally wear it in a single long braid down his back, but not often, and it's usually only around people he trusts, like very close friends and family.

He usually wears very light make-up to cover the heavy sun-block he wears to protect himself from the various sources of UV light, like the black-lights at the club, and from the sunlight when he absolutely has to go out during the day. Occasionally though, especially if he's trying to court someone, he'll get really dressed up and give his eyes the "visual kei" treatment to really make them pop.

Blake likes to dress in comfortable slacks, or leather pants (for work) and silk or Egyptian cotton shirts. He likes clothes that feel good and fit well. You'll rarely see him in jeans, and if you do they will be tight black or white jeans that hang low to show off his hip grooves. Oddly enough, he's also quite fond of a kimono, though he prefers women's kimonos because the colors are brighter. He’s fond of jewel tones and vibrant colors.  When he’s wearing male clothing he prefers solids, but in a Kimono he enjoys vibrant prints.  He's got a feminine face and a long neck, like a dancer. His torso is well toned, muscular without being bulky, and his waist is small. He has the body and grace of an acrobat or a ballet dancer.

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Blake is a people watcher, and a bit of a flirt (he's a stripper after all). He always tries to be polite, but he'll insert himself into the conversation if he feels someone's being picked on. He was raised to be a "Southern Gentleman", but that's not to say he can't be rude when he wants to be. He enjoys a good witty repartee occasionally, but it's really annoying to have a "battle of wits" with an unarmed person. He has an odd sense of humor sometimes, which can really make people shake their heads. He can be somewhat aloof at times and there some subjects he doesn't talk about easily. Once he thinks a person is safe to befriend though, he's a very loyal friend. Make him your enemy though and he's not one to quickly "forgive and forget", if by chance one day he should forgive you, he'll never forget that you wronged him or someone he loved because he’s a very inventive enemy.

LIKES: cats, blackberries, butterscotch caramel, coffee, guitar music and playing his guitar, good manners, poetry, nighttime, and  a full moon.

DISLIKES: Wintergreen (the smell and taste make him projectile vomit), rudeness, discourtesy, guns & loud noises, bullies, and sunlight.

ABILITIES AND SKILLS: Playing electric guitar (lead),fencing, throwing knives, climbing (freestyle and rappel), acrobatics, strip-tease dancing, Reiki healing, touch-healing.

STRENGTHS: He is a southern gentleman, he's an excellent fencer and won the title of Queen's Champion in his local SCA chapter. He prefers to talk rather than fight. He's a loyal friend.

WEAKNESSES: wintergreen : as stated before the smell and taste make him want to projectile vomit. Sunlight: Blake suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (explained below). Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch Caramel :  he can get talked into doing a lot of things for those sweets. Bullies: he can't stand to see someone getting picked on, so he's gotten in a few fights for calling out the bullies.

HABITS: Blake is a southern gentleman and speaks with that slow southern drawl. (even if I don't always type it that way for the sake of proper English spelling and headaches).

BELIEFS: Blake has open views regarding God (see his history). You shouldn't hit women, though occasionally one comes along that justreally tests that belief. You shouldn't hit really girly men either, especially when they are dressed up like women. You shouldn't have sex with anyone under the age of 15, and if your partner is under 21 you had better not be older than they are by more than 1 year. Blake really hates those 22 year old creeps that date 15 year olds.



MAIN POWER: HEALING : Blake has the ability to heal wounds and illness but it's through the medium of touch: he has to touch or kiss the person to heal them. It’s a form of energy and matter manipulation but it does come with limitations.  Blake can only draw from his own reserves of power, and as a human he’s quite limited.  With his Reiki healing he can help cleanse and heal an Aura but he’s much more effective at it if he can actually touch his patient.

MINOR POWERS: Blake's Hair: Blake's hair is a living part of him, with nerves and miniscule musculature running within its core, and is the only part of his body immune to his disorder. Blake is able to move his hair like an extra appendage. It may seem like this is not a useful power, but for Blake it is essential. His hair offers him an extra level of protection against sunlight, as he can use it to wrap around himself as a shield if he's caught in the open. He is able to do this because when he was a baby, His father - being a Druid High Priest - cast a very powerful protection spell over him, and while it could not reverse the effects of Blake's Genetic disorder, his long vibrant "living hair" was the result. So far it has been effective. Between his hair, prescription sun-block and only seeing sunlight for the first time when he was 18 -- he's managed to only have to have one cancer removed from his left ear in his 24 years of life. His hair is full of nerve endings so it is sensitive to touch.  He can feel the things his hair brushes over.  His hair also susceptible to his emotional state.  It will move restlessly when he is upset and sometimes it will move to hold onto someone Blake wants to touch or it can even help pull him out of danger.  On a side note, it's also fun for foreplay when it's loose, who needs bondage gear??? **oops did I say that out loud??**

POWER LIMITATIONS: MAIN POWER: Blake has to touch or kiss the person to heal them.  His power comes from within his own personal reserves, so it's self limiting. He does get tired and large wounds can wear him out to the point of passing out. Unfortunately his ability to heal doesn't seem to work on himself, he still lives under the guillotine of his genetic disorder.

MINOR POWER: Blake can't make his hair move when it's bound in a braid. That's why he only wears it thus when he is surrounded by family and friends -- people he trusts. And he has very limited movement if it's only pulled back in a pony-tail. Loose it’s rather nimble and versatile.  It's excruciatingly painful to him to get a haircut - that's one reason why it's so long. The numerous amount of nerves in the hair follicles make it feel like cutting the tips of his fingers off – for each strand.  He only cuts it when it threatens to drag the ground.

JOB: *cough* Blake is a strip-pole dancer at a local adult night-club that caters to both men and women. His stage name is "Grace-sin" pronounced like Graysin, because he's "graceful, and sinfully flexible and smooth when he dances". Well, that's what everyone said when he applied for the job. He's only worked there for about 2 months.


gender :Male
sexuality : Gay
position: Seke (mostly Seme, sometimes uke)
Height: 5'9"

Kai is lithe and packed tight with muscles, though he's not so bulked up you'd mistake him for a weight lifter. That being said he's lethal in a fight.  Most people don't know that, since most people just know him as the drummer of his band.  The monsters though, they know exactly what a BAMF he is.

At this point in time Kai wears his hair in a series of small braids up away from his face and ears although he allows his bangs to sometimes fall over his right eye.  He wears almost no makeup except for the occasional eyeliner which makes his amber eyes pop.  They vary in intensity from a light honey yellow, to dark amber, to an almost fiery copper penny color that you could swear had a metallic shine to it.  Most people simply assume he wears contact lenses, and he carries contact lense cases wherever he goes to complete that illusion.    

Personality: Kai is for the most part a quiet man until he explodes.  All the pent up energy and rage he carries inside is channeled very carefully into constructive things… his drumming for his band… and his ‘other’ projects.  Projects his band knows nothing about.    He’s very organized and likes to plan things out, and hates surprises.  He can be very … caring and doting on his friends, but then he can also get aggravated with them when he feels they aren’t pulling their own weight.  He doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for drama, as there are much more important things to worry about (like the end of the world something which he seems to avert almost every month, or so it seems that way)

Likes/Dislikes: strong liquor and strong beautiful men. When he tops, he prefers pretty men, though they don’t necessarily have to be girly, or even cross-dressers.  Birds of prey, and reptiles.  Tall men and lip-piercings.  Cooking, and throwing dinner parties for his friends.
Dislikes drama, being late, vegetables especially tofu, and militant vegetarians.  He’s a voracious meat eater .

Strength: tenacious, strong-willed, loyal.

Weakness: Tall men with lip-piercings.  EXTREMELY violent drunk at times, he’s very careful about when and WHERE he lets alcohol affect him.  Has a tendency to be overprotective of his friends. Which gives his friends the impression that he’s the “mommy” of the band.  If they only knew his day job.

Friends/family/lovers: Kai has no lovers at the moment.  He has one surviving  brother, Tavish whom he adores and will do literally anything for. He has 4 band members Yume (vocalist), Rui (guitarist), Tifa (violin), and Jin (bass).

Other companions: none

Character history: Kai is the 13th son of a 13th son... in a long line of supernatural hunter-slayers.  Be it monster or demon… if it was supernatural and it preyed on human flesh… Kai’s family hunted it, and killed it.  Sometimes they even skinned it and mounted it on the wall.  And Sometimes….it was dinner.  One too many such suppers as a child plus the fact that he was the 13th generation of 13th sons is one of the reasons why his eyes are the peculiar shade they are.  Kai’s natural constitution is quite strong.  He can drink alcohol like it was water and choose whether to be affected by it.  Most of the time, he just sits there and watches other people get shitfaced and pours everybody else home while he stays sober… the better to be quick-witted and agile in case of an attack.  But occasionally he’ll let the alcohol settle in … though not often because sometimes the rage that he keeps so carefully bottled inside comes out and he can become a VERY violent drunk.   He also rarely get’s sick, due in part to all the supernatural meat he’s eaten throughout his life which has strengthened his immune system.  He’s also tolerant to a lot of medications which makes it difficult to treat him once he does get sick, because he’s tolerant to pain meds and sedatives.  So he usually either has to take what it would normally take someone 4 times his size OR he has to just deal with the pain until  he heals.

ALL of his older brothers AND his two older sisters have died in battle.  The ONLY sibling he has left is his younger brother Tavish, and he dotes on him like a mother.  Tavish has everything he could ever want.  While Kai feels the obligations of his clan acutely, he’s not certain if he wants to marry and have kids… he’s not certain if he wants to hand this violent legacy down to another generation.  Tavish wants to learn to hunt and their father is teaching him, but Kai secretly weeps at the loss of his brother’s innocence.  

Role play Sample:
Kai turned the seasoned steaks on the grill and  glanced up as Yume came across the lawn.  “ Damn but that smells great.. what is it this time?  Venison?  You always go off on those manly hunting trips of yours and bring back this amazing stuff to eat.”    Kai let a sinister smirk cross his lips as he lifted the juicy steak off the grill onto Yume’s plate.  “Bear… Polar bear.. “  he said, thinking of the possessed yeti he’d slain and made a throw rug out of.  


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