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Post by eilonwe on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:22 am

I'd like to start a thread for both of my current OC's.

Blake St. Acheron is a sweetheart. He's a gentleman, but a bit of flirt. He's a flirt but I don't picture him as having had too much sex. He's sort of conflicted. He doesn't like the disrespect a one-night stand brings, and yet he's a little afraid of commitment. Yet he craves a relationship. He can be a bit fatalistic. He has a lot in common with a vampire, being that he lives completely at night, and he's very pale. I think he could be mistaken for a vampire, easily. I'd like to see him paired with a vampire for at least one story line. But I'd also like to exploit or further explore his healing gifts.

Kai Okoury is a bit of a mosh up of Sam and Dean from Supernatural, but he's alos his own guy. He can be a bit of a dichotomy. He's energetic, fun to be around, a strict task master when needed and he's completely devoted to his band members. But when it comes to supernatural beasties... he can be ruthless and merciless. I'd like to either explore a relationship with a band member, where his past is revealed. Or I'd like to see him get involved with someone who turns out to be a supernatural really good at hiding their true selves. I'm not looking for too much angst, so maybe not something Kai would be compelled to kill on sight, but definitely something he'd have to think about not killing, simply because they are a supernatural critter. So, well maybe the band member is a really a shapeshifter of some sort and realizes that Kai is his mate but doesn't realize until they are mated that Kai is a hunter. Lets go for a little angst by maybe saying that Kai's family was responsible for killing his mates family when they were set up by someone else. Kai's family realized their mistake too late but you can't bring back the dead. maybe something like that.

Any takers? please PM me. Thanks...


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